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To: [carl.stangberg@telia.com]
Sent: den 2 december 2007 11:04
Subject: Hello, Beautiful Russian women waiting to meet YOU! reactionary


Spring has finally come! Romance is in the air!

Beautiful and still single (!!!) Russian and Ukrainian women are eager to
meet you! They have placed their profiles at SingleRussianGirls dating site
and waiting for your emails.

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battery divine optometry

From: carl.stangberg@telia.com
To: “Administrator”
Sent: den 3 december 2007 20:07
Subject: Re: Hello, Beautiful Russian women waiting to meet YOU! reactionary


Is it really true that spring has already come to Russia? I believe Moscow is two hours ahead of us in Stockholm, but really… four months!? Or was that just a poetical metaphor for the joyful time that is now upon us as the site is launched?

In the subject line you mention something about the political views of the beautiful women. Assuming that “reactionary” means that they are very conservative and oppose changes in Russia, I cannot help worrying about the implications of that when getting involved with one of these beautiful women. Will there be clashes with the regime? Is there a non-Putin view among the women and is he aware of it?

Finally, I have a question about the last sentence. Perhaps that is a phrase used in formal Russian when ending letters (and if so I apologise) but I interpret it as some new technology for curing eyes suffering from such things as astigmatism and hyperopia. Is that correct? I would very much like to know more about this; why it is divine, what type of batteries that is used and if I can either purchase some of the equipment or invest money in the development of it.

I hope to hear from you soon with answers to some of my questions – and of course I will most certainly say about this all my friends!

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  1. Alltid på hugget Calle! Jag fnissar gott framför jobbdatorn av dina svar på tal. :)

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