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Sent: den 27 september 2007 18:19
Subject: sangfroi
Good day carl.stangberg
It is the size of ones penis which determines success
franco Suprenant

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To:“franco Surprenant” [Suprenantotody@ESKILL.IS]
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Good day to you, mr Suprenant,

I’ve read your e-mail through and through several times, but I’m still not sure how I’m supposed to interpret your words. Perhaps my knowledge of English is too poor when it comes to the meaning of the word “determine”.

Is it from the size of my penis that I can tell whether I’m succesful or not? Is penis size some kind of measurement of success? A man with an average sized penis would then be considered as mediocre, while a smaller penis would indicate a man that is a failure. Is this correct?

Then I have a couple of questions. Does my penis grow and get a bigger size as my success in daily life increases? For example, if I get a really great job with a good salary and interesting colleagues, would that reflect on my penis? Will my penis be an inch longer after I sign the contract? Or if I make some succesful transactions on the stock market, will that also affect the size?

I wonder if this works the other way around as well. Analogously, if I lose my job or lose money on the stock market, is my penis actually smaller when I wake up the next day? I can’t see how this works, but I’m nevertheless fascinated by the idea.

My second interpretation is that it is the size of my penis that’s the factor that decides whether I’m going to be succesful or not. A small penis would then give me small chances and a big penis big chances to reach success. I’m not sure how that could work either. Unless this is some kind of superstition – or actual magic – I can’t see how this could have an effect on anything else.

Though my intention is not to underestimate the importance of penis size, I think that we would all benefit from being realistic about what influence it may or may not have on our daily life. Perhaps it can increase my success in bed, but I would be careful to go further and be more general than that.

Anyway, thank you for your tip and your kind decision to share your wisdom with so many people, almost randomly picked out of all the valid e-mail addresses in the world.

Best regards,


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